Argus Analyzers Battery Bug Battery Monitor for Motorcycle is a full-time battery monitor that warns about the approaching battery failure. As the motorcycle or ATV starting battery gets older and nears its end-of-life, the battery bug alerts with an audible alarm that the battery should be replaced before it is too late. The patented Argus CrankCheck technology tracks the batteries health and predicts cranking failure. It features a LCD display that shows percent battery life remaining, present battery voltage, alternator/charging voltage, data from the battery's worst start and data from the battery's previous start. This monitor’s critical audible alarms indicates "low battery charge" and "replace battery now". It has six foot long straight wire leads for convenient mounting of the data display outside of the battery compartment. The cable termination is of 6mm ring terminal for the smaller power sport batteries. This monitor works with any lead acid engine starting battery.

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